For many years, October has been recognized worldwide as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A healthy diet, activity, and, above all, preventive examinations are particularly important in the fight against the disease of our time, cancer. We talk about breast cancer the most often, but Poles also often struggle with cancer of the lungs and colon. This is also the moment when it is worth considering prophylaxis.

Once again, we drew attention to the need for regular preventive examinations and the role of a healthy lifestyle in cancer prevention.

As part of the campaign, October 15 is the European Breast Cancer Day, symbolized by a pink ribbon.

Together with Medicover, we support the campaign to fight breast cancer every year and we join the promotion of health prevention, spreading the idea of ​​the project – early detection of breast cancer that can save lives.

Let’s also remember about ourselves! Health is the most important!