This year’s #Safetyweek at ATEM-Polska Sp. z o.o. and in the remaining VINCI Energies Business Units is coming to an end.
This extremely important event has been held cyclically for years, in every office and on every construction site.

The theme of this year’s edition is “STRENGTHENING OUR SAFETY CULTURE”, which is a continuation of the activities undertaken in 2021.
We are currently focused on discussing exemplary leadership.
Other pillars of our culture are:
💪 understanding procedures,
💪 transparency,
💪 commitment
💪 and risk perception.

In addition to many other awareness-raising, training and accident prevention initiatives, this event is an opportunity for individual teams to reflect on what characterizes the VINCI SAFETY CULTURE.
The analysis of accidents shows that they do not result from a single cause, but from a combination of different circumstances and behaviors. This means that there are many areas for improvement and action.
As part of the #SafetyWeek celebration, workshop meetings and external training for our employees are held.

One of them was a webinar and first aid training for all interested parties.
Both are extremely interesting and run by TotalMedica.
Over 100 people participated in the webinar. This shows that the promotion of knowledge and good practice and the sharing of knowledge in this area is highly desirable.
Situations like:
✔ fainting,
✔ choking,
✔ burn,
happening right next to us.

We also conducted a webinar on the basics of fire protection, in cooperation with ECO-MAR Sp. z o.o., attended by over 80 people.

We hope that with such training we raise our knowledge and influence the freedom and certainty of acting in a potential crisis situation.

We also encourage you to reflect.