As part of our annual 2022 ATEM-Polska Management Meeting  last week, we also hosted an online lecture by charismatic and one-of-a-kind Dorota Wellman.

Gender equality, generational and intercultural diversity – incl. such topics were discussed during our webinar.

Dorota Wellman talked about diversity using the example of different ways of making decisions, different motivations and what we really differ from and how to use the potential of these differences.

We also talked about how to take advantage of diversity and deal with the implementation of change and innovation.
The speaker herself proves every day that the impossible does not exist and inspires others to overcome their own barriers. We also talked about the generational diversity that we encounter every day.

It was a special time for us to educate ourselves about what makes us different and makes us unique! Besides, you can listen to Dorota endlessly!

We take everything that we talked about and learned thanks to our guest’s speech with us to our daily work.