#Togetherforhospitals – help from the VINCI Group companies

The VINCI Group companies provide meals for medics on the front lines in the fight against COVID 19

The fourth and last installment of the #Togetherforhospitalscampaign this year is the provision of free meals for medics on the front line in the fight against Covid-19.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected all areas of our lives. However, it was most affected by medical personnel, and our life and health depend on their commitment, determination and dedication. In this difficult time, kind gestures have great power. That is why we wanted to show our solidarity with healthcare professionals once again. At the turn of November and December, warm, wholesome regenerative meals were delivered to doctors, nurses and paramedics from the infectious diseases hospital at ul. Wolska in Warsaw. In this way, the companies of the VINCI Group in Poland thank and express great appreciation for the commitment and heroism of the medical personnel.

All views of the charity action

Since March this year, as part of the #Razemdlaszpitali campaign, we have already helped over 30 institutions all over Poland. Among them are hospitals, medical centers and nursing homes. Our help included the donation of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, helmets) and the donation of six respirators to hospitals in Warsaw, Kalisz, Szczecin, Gdańsk, Kraków and Bydgoszcz. On behalf of 12 VINCI companies, i.e. Warbud, Eurovia Polska, ATEM-Polska, Menard, ETF Polska, Soletanche Polska, Calanbau-TPI, Freyssinet Polska, VINCI Facilities Polska, VINCI Immobilier Polska, Axians Networks Poland, Remea – the action was coordinated by the Foundation Warbud – It’s Worth Helping.