#Togetherforhospitals- help from the VINCI Group companies

The group of companies involved in helping hospitals is enlarged by another five companies belonging to the VINCI Group.

The medics’ fight against COVID-19 continues. The aim of the action is to continue helping facilities and medical personnel on the front line. Once again, we have delivered packages with the most needed protection measures for the health service. This time we donated 6,000 certified FFP2 masks – said Jakub Saloni, President of the Management Board of Menard Polska Sp. z o.o. and the Chairman of Club Pivot Poland, associating companies with VINCI capital operating in our country.

The masks were delivered to eight hospitals – four in Warsaw and four outside the capital: Zabrze, Tychy, Legnica and Bydgoszcz. From March to May, we have already helped 29 institutions in 20 Polish cities. Among them are hospitals, medical centers and nursing homes.

Actions that we have taken in the group of 12 companies, i.e .:ATEM-Polska , Actemium Poland, Calanbau TPI, ETF Polska, Eurovia Polska, Freyssinet Polska, Menard, REMEA, Soletanche Polska , VINCI Facilities Polska, VINCI Immobiler Polska, Warbud are proof that by cooperating in solidarity it is possible to effectively help those in need – added Agnieszka Wąsowska, Member of the Management Board of the “Warbud – Worth Pomagać” Foundation, coordinator of the campaign.