VINCI Energies and UNICEF France have signed a four-year partnership agreement to finance projects in Benin, Brazil and East Timor.
They will enable 20,000 students aged 6 to 18 to connect to the Internet and access online knowledge. These three projects aim to provide hybrid learning by combining digital technologies and more conventional teaching methods.

Together with UNICEF, we aim to provide children and young people with equal access to high-quality online education. The internet connection opens the door to an environment that is conducive to learning: in addition to the necessary skills taught in school (reading, writing and counting), it enables children and young people to access more knowledge and learn at their own pace.

UNICEF will therefore connect 56 schools to the Internet in these three countries, equip them with computers and work with around 400 teachers to create school programs combining conventional and online education.

You can read more about the partner here:

Bravo VINCI Energies!