Local Authorities

Local governments are faced with issues related to the development of their city or regions. They strive to make their areas more appealing, improve public safety, promote education and equal opportunity, and make mobility a reality for all: these are the prerequisites for economic growth and the well-being of citizens.

Connected cities

ICT is a business driver that helps create jobs by implementing, at the local level, a highly performing infrastructure scaled to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. The deployment of broadband networks removes the distance barrier and proves to be a key enabler for territorial integration, as premium network performance is provided in rural and urban areas alike.

Axians provides solutions to finance and revamp your ICT infrastructure, as well as improve performances to make it available and affordable to all. By delivering applications and services at the local level, governmental bodies earn a valuable asset that helps them serve their citizens through innovative and useful services.

Whatever the scope and size of your project, Axians provides consulting and support services, guides you in selecting the most suitable technologies, and commits to favorable results in terms of quality of service.

How we address your challenges

Energize the local economy through innovative projects
Broadband is a key driver for business competitiveness and for the local economy. Axians has a market-proven expertise in deploying, scaling, operating and maintaining any digital infrastructure, including FTTH, mobile or wireless networks.

Opex and capex containment for ICT infrastructures

Strategic thinking is a pre-requisite for deploying telecommunications services in a cost-efficient way. This requires supporting local specificities, sharing financial risks, and the pooling of the existing infrastructure. Axians acts as a single point of contact to help you select the right technology and support you throughout your projects.

Do you know that …
According to specialists: “ICT can increase the profitability of small and medium-sized enterprises by 15%”.
The implementation of high-performance infrastructure will increase the attractiveness of your region.

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