Telecommunication engineering for railway sector

Axians designs, builds and maintains systems, including GSM-R, Dynamic Passenger Information and Rail Traffic Control Systems. It implements 3G / 4G networks for telecommunication service providers as well as WiFi networks for public transport operators.

We are a member of the branch organization

The Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment Producers and Railway Service Providers The Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment Producers and Railway Service Providers
Railway Business Forum Railway Business Forum

Design, construction and maintenance:

  • teletechnical infrastructure for the railway
  • non-traction energy
  • railway traffic control devices
  • Dynamic Passenger Information Systems
  • electric turnouts heating systems

On behalf of PKP PLK S.A. – the Polish Infrastructure Manager, we have carried out a radio planning project for the GSM-R network, which will allow to implement the ERTMS system in our country.

We participate in the modernization of railway lines in Poland in the scope of design and construction of teletechnical networks for the needs of railway traffic control devices, dynamic passenger information systems, closed-circuit televisions and all data transmission.

We assemble the main railway traffic control devices, including: semaphores, drives and controllers of turnouts and derailers, safety devices at level crossing, axle counters and SHP magnets.

We implement projects in the field of electric turnouts heating systems, lighting and power supply devices (non-traction energy).

We design, assemble and maintain WiFi installations as well as GSM, articulated vehicles and railway stations.