Design and construction

Design and construction

Choosing the right hardware and resources

Thanks to a comprehensive offer that includes maintenance services for multiple technologies, Axians has gained valuable specialist competences in the field of ICT. These competencies provide unique knowledge to select the resources that best meet the client’s requirements.

Customized solutions – design

Business consulting and technical analysis are an essential part of Axians’ implementation. These services offer complete insight into how organizations are using and how they are reaping the benefits of technology. Using tailor-made solutions instead of accepting the wrong finished products is certainly the right path. Customization requires asking yourself the right questions about the project: what are the technical, staffing and budgetary constraints? What are the appropriate solutions? Axians provides the right answers that result from deliberate actions:

  • Study (analysis, technical feasibility, recommendations) and assistance to the project owner
  • Analyze, evaluate and select the most appropriate technologies
  • Technical and functional specifications
  • Training
  • Financing

Design and integration of solutions and systems

Step-by-step process monitoring

After completing the design stage and selecting the appropriate resources, Axians will comprehensively deal with the creation of the ICT network infrastructure, which includes internal and external activities.
For example, when deploying mobile networks, Axians can use its expertise to act as a real estate negotiator responsible for identifying suitable plots of land and elevated points to help ensure the high cellular coverage expected by cellular service providers in the area. The company’s specialists also manage all construction and operation contracts concluded with property owners with the aim of achieving the best possible results.
Axians can carry out all the construction work needed to complete the passive network infrastructure as well as the networks themselves (cables, access points, antennas …). Axians can also prepare auxiliary infrastructure, such as power supply, air conditioning or an alarm system, which guarantee optimal operation of the investment.
At each stage of the project, Axians manages and coordinates all technical teams that may be involved in the implementation. From the handling and lifting of heavy items (lifting operations, helicopter, gondola …) to electrical compliance certificates, Axians performs tasks efficiently and rigorously, while ensuring the safety of goods and employees.