The next edition of # VINCICyberSecurityWeek2022 👈 has come to an end.
Not only at ATEM-Polska Sp. z o.o. but also for the entire VINCI Group, cybersecurity is one of the key values
And in today’s world we consider and measure # security in many aspects:
✔ social needs,
✔ possible physical threats,
✔ but also, and perhaps above all, “virtual” attacks 💻 📲 🔒

We are aware of the fact that the consequences of virtual threats are completely real and have a specific framework (including financial, image, personal).
Therefore, in order to increase the awareness of our employees in the area of ​​#CyberSecurity, and thus minimize and prevent the occurrence of digital dangers, in cooperation with WARBUD S.A. we conducted a series of webinars with the leader of the Polish cybersec scene – the company

Webinars are a continuation of the activities of IT teams as part of #CyberSecurityWeek, where the main goal is to raise awareness of threats in digital areas, both at work and in private life.
Thanks to them:
👉 we got to know the backstage of the social engineering attacks carried out by the security team in 2014-2022 in several Polish companies from various industries;
We learned which phone functions can be used “maliciously” and how the developers of mobile applications “quietly” steal data from unsuspecting users and what real attacks on mobile phones and today’s most popular applications look like;
👉 we are aware that everything can be hacked, eavesdropped on, spied on and made public!

Everything that serves to improve and facilitate our lives also poses a similar threat.
It is important to be aware of this! And we build it this way (we hope that it will be successful)!